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This wiki is a repository where the community can compile information about an upcoming superhero-themed MMORPG known as Ship of Heroes under development by Heroic Games Corp. Hopefully, with enough work, this can turn into a sort of definitive codex for the game as it transitions from development, to full release.

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The Setting

From the Official Ship of Heroes website:

The year is 2487 AD and humanity has outgrown Earth. Nearby star systems have been colonized and their worlds terraformed into similarity to Earth to form the Human Federation. The spaceships that hold the Human Federation together vary in size, but the biggest ships are the heroships, with multiple cities aboard. Each heroship is designed to be a nation-state in space, with a majority of the inhabitants being ordinary citizens and not crew members. Aboard each ship are a small number of citizens with extra-ordinary powers, heroes who assist with the defense of the population and assist the crew in keeping civil order. The biggest and most famous of these heroships are the FHS Justice, the FHS Freedom, and the FHS Liberty. Our story revolves around the humans aboard the heroship FHS Justice.

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We now have four villain groups and they're adding more. We should probably have a page listing...
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That sounds like a good idea to me.
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I suppose we could reparent the individual heroship pages off this one. Otherwise it looks...
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