Meltdown is a Devastator with ranged fire attacks. He is half human and half Orensan, an allied alien species. He is a member of Justice Corps and one of Ship of Heroes soh:signature-heroes.

Meltdown can be found in Apotheosis City and is the contact for missions and at least one task force.



Aside from being half alien, Meltdown's background is currently unknown. It's assumed he was born off-ship.

Powers & Powersets



Meltdown wears a costume of gold and red spandex, with a black and red belt.

Early concept art depicted Meltdown in a predominantly gold costume with red accents, but Pre-alpha screenshots show Meltdown with the opposite, a largely red costume with gold highlights. It is not clear which is correct.

During a YouTube interview with DM21 Gaming, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" mentions that Meltdown's costume may change to include a cape. No further details are provided.


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