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The Nagdellian are the first Villain Group identified for Ship of Heroes. They are an advanced alien species with a short lifespan and a society built upon a rigid caste system. They come in various types: Soldier, Lieutenant, Captain, and Mage. Their origin is unknown, but they stage frequent raids on the FHS Justice to obtain it's precious Unobtanium
Nagdellian lieutenants have in-combat regen, and can call for reinforcements when their health reaches 50%.


Official Spelling

Although early press releases and interviews spelled Nagdellian with one 'L' and pointed to an anagram of "Dang Alien", later in-game footage spelled the group with one "L". Eventually, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" in a post on the official forums, confirmed the final spelling used here.


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The Nagdelians are a hostile alien species that does not tolerate competing life forms. With a rigid caste system, short lifespan, and much lower level of individuality, the Nagdelians see themselves more as body parts of a singular empire than as individuals. Wherever they appear, they are always enemies of humanity.

Nagdelians are an advanced species, organized in clans, but completely intolerant of other intelligent life forms. Their hierarchy is a genetic caste system, so higher levels of authority are vested in breeds of Nagdelians designed to fulfill certain purposes. Ship of Heroes has already introduced the Nagdelian soldier and lieutenant, but we will be showing the Captain, the Mage, and other specialized Nagdelians in the future.

As enemies, the Nagdelians like to raid, seizing resources from the ship and killing innocents. Counter-raids by hero groups on the Nagdelian ship are also planned, to recover resources and discourage future attacks on the FHS Justice. It is also true that the Nagdelians are constantly alert for any opportunity to seize the Justice, kill all of the inhabitants, and capture a powerful heroship for themselves.

The Nagdelians make regular Unobtanium dust raids on The Arch in Apotheosis, and they are the villains in the fight demo, fighting half-alien fire blaster and signature NPC, Meltdown. “Dust” of course is the in-game currency – the most inert form of Unobtanium and a byproduct of the pure Ubobtanium used to power the Justice’s engines.

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A saurian race, the Nagdelians are a highly regimented society with a cast system that is grounded in genetics. They appear in soldier, lieutenant, captain and mage form, each with a specific look and set of physical characteristics. Generally speaking, the higher the rank of the Nagdelian, the larger and more physically powerful it is.

"They see themselves as the only true species. They have a much lower level of individuality, their clans and their species seem to them to be the sum total of who they are. It's a completely different world view.. They see the universe as space they control and space they don't control yet."

Why are heroes revered, cherished, and able to go about their daily lives without the need to hide their identity? The answer is the Nagdelians. Aggressive, friendless, and considerably more individually powerful, the superheroes are all that stand between the Nagdelians and the conquest of humanity as a whole. Their world view is so fundamentally different that there can be no reasoning with them. They stage routine raids in search of Unobtainium, raids the players must overcome to protect their home.

The Official Forums

In a post titled My Chat with Consultant on the Official Forums, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" confirmed the official spelling of Nagdellian.

…for the record, Nagdellian with two l's.

Actually Nagdellian was always spelled with two l's. But one of the things we do is we don't hold much back, so once we had them we showed them in an interview. I was telling a writer about this enemy group and the name Nagdellian was spoken, but we did not give a written back-up in time and the article went out with one l. Ironically one of my own team members here at SoH saw the article and thought I had changed the spelling to one l.