Announced early on, and first appearing in the underground mission video, the second villain group announced is Dark Magic using Cyborgs called Prometheans.

The Prometheans do not want to cripple the ship itself, or to kill any civilians; instead, they aim to forcibly convert everyone aboard into more Prometheans, especially mages and engineers. Their leader, Dr. Cornish, helped build the Justice when he was still human, and he views the ship and its non-super-powered crew as belonging to him. The Prometheans are just as evil and uncompromising as the Nagdellians, but they’re unique to the FHS Justice.

The Prometheans have a particular hatred for the Red Sigil group and go out of their way to attack them, when they can identify the secretive group members.

Other hero ships don’t have any Prometheans to worry about, though they may have other enemies that the Justice doesn’t!