The Unobtanium Luck powerset provides a character with taunt and defensive powers, primarily defense and resistance buffs. It also includes a unique boost to the rate of dust drops.


Power Name Primary Effect Secondary Effect
Improved Senses Toggle, PBAoE Defense Buff N/A
Lucky Misfire Self Defense Buff N/A
Optimism Passive Self Resistance Buff N/A
Foresight Passive Self Defence Buff N/A
Not Meant To Die Self Defense, Resistance Buffs HoT
Can't Touch This Toggle, PBAoE Taunt N/A
RNG Failure Self Resistance Buff N/A
Oh, Shiny! Passive Dust Collection Buff N/A
Murphy's Law PBAoE Accuracy Debuff N/A
Disconnect Toggle, PBAoE Resistance Buff N/A
Jinxed Single Target Accuracy Debuff N/A