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From the Ship of Heroes Official Website:

So you want to be a hero? The first step is to build the hero you want to be in our character creator. Building a hero in our character creator involves several easy steps which will allow you to craft the unique character you want to play.

Here are the just a few of the tools you can use to make any character you can imagine:

  • Write any backstory you like, and other players can see it.
  • Pick your Archetype and discover life as a Tanker, or a Devastator, or whatever you wish.
  • Choose a character model. Start your avatar as a male, a female, or as an extra big guy. Any model can be used with any class.
  • Alter your character’s height, build, proportions, and coloring with multiple sliders to make the hero you envision down to the very last detail. These are called morphs, and we have 171 of them planned for the game.
  • Make the coolest costume on the block with hundreds of costume pieces and the option to give each individual piece its own colors and patterns.
  • Give your character a unique name of your choosing so you can flaunt your individuality. Or your character can just have a name you’ve used in other games.
  • Customize your powers to have unique looks different from everyone else. After all, you don’t want to be just another person launching a fireball! Customize your powers to have unique looks different from everyone else.

Want to spend three days mulling over every design decision? You can do that. Want to just make a cool character and go? You can do that too.