Onboard the ship, everybody works. They have jobs. Normal everyday jobs. Not much has been disclosed about the system of day jobs; so far all we have to go on is the statement below quoted from the Official SoH website.

The jobs relate to the kind of mission content you’d like to do most. Want to be in Ship Security? Done.
Want to be a mercenary who takes jobs for hire (including on the new worlds the ship visits)? Done. But maybe you want to be a healer, working in Ship Security. That’s okay too. Or maybe you are a finder of rare materials who harvests dangerous substances from the Hazard zones for a living. A character can even change jobs, gaining new skills and abilities in addition to their fighting powers.
Harvesting, crafting and trading are all going to be parts of the game, and for those who want to focus on these elements, they will be profitable and challenging. Job choices will tie in to harvesting and crafting in several ways, as will the different planets the ship visits. The trading system will be robust, so that those who just want to fight (and win!) will able to buy what they need using their loot, while those who want to build an economic empire will find plenty of opportunities to do so.