We have little information about what is known as the Hazard Zone, an area in the southernmost section of Apotheosis City. What we do know was revealed by Casey-McGeever in a Youtube video back in March 2017.

Briefly, he envisages the Hazard Zone to be a high level (for the city zone in which it resides) area populated with suitable flora and various NPC's. It will provide a hunting area for players to go, via the bridge, in order to harvest materials for sale or for crafting.

There will be animals to hunt, presumably put on the ship before launch and picked up on the ships travels around the universe, as well as materials to gather.

The image below is of the waterfront to the south of Apetheosis City. On the other side of the water is the area where the 'hazard zone' is to be located, with the bridge clearly visible in the distance.