Planned Powerset Pools

As of now, there are currently four primary and secondary Powerset Pools per Archetype with between 8-10 powers per powerset, with some overlap among powerset names.

Powersets with similar names, may not function the same from Archetype to Archetype, or from Primary to Secondary Pools.




In a forum thread titled Q&A with Consultant, Casey McGeever aka "The Consultant" discussed some of their plans for powersets, specifically, the number of powerset pools planned for Launch.

3. We are planning for a minimum of 4 primary and secondary powersets per AT at launch, with approximately 8-10 powers per powerset. But remembering that primaries for a tank can be secondaries for a brawler, there will be some overlap in names. But a powerset gives the "strong version" when it is a primary power, and the "regular version" when it is a secondary. We also want to provide a selection of pool powers at launch.