This page is simply a collection of the questions asked on this page of the Official Forums

Hello Devs!

In an effort to flesh out the information at sohwiki.com, I've come across many pieces of contradictory information on the Official Ship of Heroes Website, the Kickstarter and several online articles. As a result, I find myself with a multitude of questions. I'm hoping to open a dialog here to compile and discuss some of these questions.

[i]If anyone else has any questions, please add them here as well[/i]

My plan is to edit this main post frequently with new questions as they come up.

[b]April 22, 2017 - Post Creation[/b]

[b]Story Bible[/b]
Is there a Story Bible the Devs have for the setting and lore? In writing, this is a master reference for the setting, major characters, places, and lore. Obviously we wouldn't have access to this kind of top secret info, but let me dream about it existing on someone's hard drive somewhere!

[b]Hero Corps or Justice Corps?[/b]
On the page Meet The Ambassador, you call this organization The Hero Corps, however on the pages introducing Sword Blossom, Doctor Strikewell and Meltdown, you refer to it as Justice Corps. Are they the same organization? What is the proper name?

[b]The Diplomats[/b]
On the page introducing Doctor Strikewell, you mention The Ambassador as part of a supergroup called The Diplomats. Who are they and what is their function?

[b]List of current Powersets[/b]
Can you share a list of current Powersets?

[b]List of current Organizations/Villain Groups[/b]
Can you share a list of current Villain Groups?

[b]Map of Apotheosis City[/b]
Can you share a map of the first zone?

[b]The Orensans[/b]
On the page for Meltdown, you mention that he is half alien. Can you tell me more about the Orensan and their origins?

In the combat and Kickstarter videos you demonstrate combat (awesome!!) with several power names shown. Are these names final, placeholders, or a mix of both?

[b]The Starboard Lounge[/b]
Is the Starboard Lounge a real location in Apotheosis City and where is it located? Will it be like Pocket D in CoH, or more of a cafe?

[b]What level of the ship is Apotheosis City?[/b]
I read somewhere that it was on level 20 near the engines, though this seems like where you would place less valuable cargo in the event of engine explosion/failure. Also, I can't find this mention again to corroborate my (terrible) memory. Can you confirm?

[b]The Hazard Zone[/b]
In several sources there are mentions of a hazard zone across a lake from the Arch. What makes a hazard zone? How is the main city level of the ship so dangerous? What makes it dangerous? Why doesn't the danger spread to the city across the lake?

[b]April 24, 2017 - Round 2[/b]

[b]Dark Magic Cyborgs[/b]
Elsewhere on the forums, it has been mentioned that the second Villain Group will be Dark Magic using Cyborgs. Can you confirm the existence of this group? Where are they from? What do they want? What do they call themselves?

[b]Nagdelians or Nagdellians?[/b]
Several sources spell this organization with one L, but in the game footage GIF of Meltdowns Plasma Blast ability, the soldier is spelled with two L's. What is the proper spelling?

[b]Shield for Ambassador?[/b]
In video and art Ambassador is shown with an orange-red shield which he appears to use for defense. His introduction page states his powersets as Determination and Street Sweeping. It's stated elsewhere that Tankers have a defensive Primary. That all said, does Determination include the shield power or is this an Ancillary Power, or Unique Power for Signature Heroes? Is it a toggle power that remains active providing defense? What part of the power is color customizable, the orange, blue, or both?

[b]Other City Levels? - Asked by KidRad[/b]
- Is there more than one city in the ship, besides apotheosis city? Similarly, you say there is a "below deck", yet apotheosis city is situated above engineering. So won't it technically be above deck, or just another level? Basically how is the ship laid out overall, and where are the different levels in relation to each other?

[b]How does Agriculture work and is there an agricultural level? - Asked by KidRad[/b]
- You mention a level with agriculture. Does this mean there will there be farming, and if so, how will that work? Will it be high tech vertical farming, or more primitive " the Martian" style farming in dirt with tools? I have expertise in this area if you need consultation on how to design it to make it realistic.

[b]Other Servers? Are the FHS Liberty and FHS Freedom potentially future servers? - Asked by KidRad[/b]
- In terms of servers, have you considered making it a fleet of ships, rather than just one ship? That way, at the outset, there will be the FHS Justice, and as servers are added, you can pick other ships (servers) to play on.

[b]More to come...[/b]