Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Ship of Heroes Community Wiki! It's through efforts of volunteers such as yourself, that we're able to have this resource in the first place. Please consider the following list of rules:

Site Rules

  1. Be nice to others!
  2. Be nice to others!
  3. If someone overwrites your changes, DON'T GET UPSET. Jump on the discussion page and try to see if your changes can be reinstated. Often times it was a simple mistake, or small oversight.
  4. Please comment your changes when submitting edits. This little extra step can prevent a lot of confusion and headaches when multiple people are editing a page.
  5. Please preview your changes before submitting! This little extra step will prevent the change logs from filling up with typo and small mistakes.
  6. Link to reliable sources for your information — This isn't wikipedia and we don't need to cite every claim, but try to be accurate with your information, and provide external links (at page bottom) when relevant.
  7. Have fun building a repository for information about Ship of Heroes!

Note! Membership is a privilege. Please be respectful of other community members, and try to work together to improve this wiki's content. Vandalism, name-calling, or other disruptive behavior will result in a ban. Consider this your only warning. Let's all be friends!

Who can join?

You do not need to be a member to view the site, but joining provides benefits such as regular email alerts with news about significant site additions and updates, and will also let you log in and contribute by editing and adding content in order to enrich the overall site in a collaborative way.

How do I join?

There are two steps you need to complete to join our site and begin contributing.

First you need to register and create a user account with Wikidot. Next, when logged in to Wikidot, come back to this site and click on the button at the top of the page.

Registering with Wikidot

Note! If you need to create a new Wikidot account Click This Link!

If you are interested in applying to join this site, then you first need to register for a Wikidot account. Wikidot is the service used to create and power this website.

If you already have a Wikidot account, then please login using the 'login' link at the top of the page, and then return to this page and click the button above.

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Why Wikidot?

Wikidot is a powerful wiki-site platform that is simple to use and simple to manage. There are other platforms out there, but this was the one I'm most familiar with.

Join the Site

In order to apply you must have registered with Wikidot, and be logged in.

Once you have done that, simply click the button above and you're done.

Thanks again and welcome to the community!